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Computing Curriculum Map

At Brookland Infant and Nursery School Computing is taught using the Herts for Learning Computing Scheme in line with the 2014 Computing Programmes of Study for

Key Stage 1 and the Early Years Outcome statements for technology.

E safety

We teach children how to use technology safely and respectfully throughout the Computing curriculum. Children are taught to THINK in all aspects of their computing learning ensuring that their communication is: thoughtful,  helpful,  inspiring,  necessary and kind.


  Autumn Spring Summer
EYFS   In Nursery and Reception children have the opportunity to explore, tinker and develop their skills through open-ended activities.   The children may use Ipads, laptops, sound and recording devices or reading and mathematical software.  Children will also carry out unplugged investigations to identify problems and predict outcomes.  Children will be exposed to age appropriate problem-solving situations where they will develop and practise the skills of sequencing, pattern recognition, problem identification and debugging.
Year 1


Let’s Create

Children begin to explore digital texts, using varied devices and software to create digital content. They investigate differences between input and output and hardware and software.  Children understand that they can log onto the school network and save work into their own area with support.  They use unplugged computing approaches to explore the devices they use. E-safety is embedded in all learning.

Visual Information

Children investigate how we derive information from different sources and create graphs and charts. They use data-loggers and organise objects using databases. They explore how computers might sort objects and build on their learning of E-safety.

Discovering Programming

Children name the main external parts of a computer and can talk about hardware and software. They use unplugged approaches and create algorithms which they test and debug. Children develop their reasoning and prediction skills using technology.

Year 2


Starting Research

Children develop an understanding of researching using both digital and non-digital sources, understanding about copyright and ownership. Children summarise their research using a range of software including charts, graphs and mind maps to present the results of their research.

Getting Creative

Children develop their understanding of digital texts, creating their own digital content (still, moving and animated image and word) using a range of devices and software with increased precision. They demonstrate understanding of some of the devices they use.


Talking and Sharing

Children explore various ways of conveying messages using both digital and non-digital systems. Children research historical methods of communication and compare it with communication methods today.  They read class blogs and respond safely. They explore very simple onscreen simulations and link these to their understanding of algorithms.