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Emergency Closures

If the school has to close in an emergency we stay in touch with parents by text using the Teachers2Parents (T2P) texting service. In addition we will post a message on the Herts Direct website at:

where you can register to receive email/text alerts of when your child’s school is closed.

In recent years closures have been due to heavy snowfall, although other reasons may lead to a closure (eg heating breakdown, particularly in cold weather).

The decision to close or open the school is never easy. In the case of snowfall the decision is made between both the infant and junior schools and is based on the following:

  • Local conditions on the school site and in the access roads
  • An assessment of risk
  • Direct advice and guidance from the local authority
  • Travel safety for staff and parents

Many of our staff travel some distance to work and so we need to take account of whether staff are able to travel in to work safely.