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Building Learning Power

In our school, we have always been interested in learning and how children learn. Building Learning Power provides us with an approach to support children in learning how to learn and how to be better learners.

We are introducing superhero characters who represent different learning power capacities. With these characters children develop the skills and attitudes necessary to become confident, capable, creative and life-long learners. Children get to know the superhero characters and the related learning behaviours. They become more self-aware as learners and know the characteristics they are good at and those they need to work at. In their feedback, teachers give effort praise, making reference to the capacities that children have used effectively.

Captain Persevere says:

“Don’t give up! You can do it if you try!”

Mirror Man says:

“Be reflective! Know what you are good at and what helps you to learn!”

Captain Concentration says:

“Keep focused! Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing!”

Mr Adventurous says:

“Are you up for a new challenge? Just take a risk!”

Collaboration Kid says:

“Work together, share ideas and respect other people!”

Sir Speedy says:

“Get straight down to your work!”

Improvement Girl says:

“What would “even better” look like…?”

Captain Inquisitive says:

“Ask lots of questions! What more can you find out?”

If children bring home stickers and tokens with these characters on, it is because they have been successfully applying these characteristics in class.