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Additional Subjects

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Citizenship

PSHE acts like a thread that runs through the whole structure of the school and the curriculum.

Children learn about themselves as developing individuals and as members of the school and wider community. They have opportunities to show that they can take some responsibility for themselves and the environment. The children are taught to be aware of the needs and rights of others. They learn social skills such as turn taking, sharing, simple conflict resolution and co-operation. We aim to develop self-esteem so that all children make the most of their abilities and grow in confidence.

Religious Education (RE)

Religious Education is an important part of the school curriculum. We aim to enable pupils to develop relationships and to begin to understand themselves and others. Through discussion and stories, they are made aware of and have knowledge of other cultures and faiths. The children will be taught to understand the importance of celebration in their lives.

From time to time the school may invite a representative of a particular faith to talk to the children. On occasions classes may visit local places of worship as part of the curriculum. Parents are always informed of these visits.

In line with the law in relation to RE parents may exercise their right to withdraw their children from any lesson after consultation with the Headteacher. Children would be cared for in another class for the duration of the lesson.