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Aims, Vision and Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything that we do. They underpin our teaching and learning and help us to create an environment within which children will feel happy, safe and secure and will learn to the best of their ability.

Enjoyment of Learning, Achievement for all!

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that our school is fully inclusive and that everyone is able to flourish as an individual and a life-long learner.

Our Ethos

In partnership with parents and the community, Brookland Infant and Nursery School aims to inspire pupils to achieve their potential in a stimulating and enjoyable way, laying solid foundations for our children’s future. In a safe and nurturing environment we will help children learn our key values and have respect for equality and diversity.

Our Key Values

Respect      Honesty      Equality      Kindness     Fun     Safety

Our Aims

Our School aims to help all children:                                  

  • To find learning enjoyable and irresistible through a range of experiences including first hand, as members of a learning community
  • To become confident, motivated and independent learners who hold high expectations and strive for success
  • To develop intellectual, social, creative and physical abilities and aesthetic awareness
  • To celebrate, value and accept differences within an inclusive and supportive environment where there is equality of opportunity for all
  • To feel safe and supported in an environment which instils trust and self confidence
  • To become responsible members of the school and wider community by demonstrating a positive caring attitude and by taking responsibility for the choices that they make and the way in which they behave
  • To flourish and develop as a person with spiritual, moral, social and cultural values
  • To gain a sense of belonging and discover their own role within our school community by making a positive contribution and knowing that their contribution is valued
  • To recognise and celebrate the achievements of themselves and others and collaborate as a valuable team member to help everyone succeed

Our School aims to help all parents:

  • To feel assured that their children’s safety, learning and wellbeing are our first priority
  • To feel welcomed as an integral part of our school community
  • To enjoy being involved in their children’s learning in partnership with the school
  • To feel valued as individuals who can make a positive contribution to our school with their strengths, abilities, passions and ideas
  • To know that they can voice any opinions, ideas, worries or concerns

Our School aims to help all staff:

  • To feel valued as part of a motivated team where members are supportive, encouraging and enjoy what they do
  • To provide a structured and stimulating environment which ensures a consistent approach to teaching and learning
  • To develop a child-centred approach to learning where children’s contributions are recognised and valued within a learning community
  • To create a broad and balanced curriculum that offers differentiation through support, challenge and stimulation for all learners
  • To be committed to continuing their own learning journey through training opportunities, self-evaluation and by sharing strengths, expertise and skills with each other

Our School aims to help the whole school community:

  • To feel a sense of belonging to a learning community which values contribution and encourages involvement of all
  • To create a welcoming and well structured environment which promotes a calm and happy ethos based on mutual respect of all
  • To develop positive links with the wider community to support the learning process and establish good relationships
  • To promote clear and consistent channels of communication between all members and groups
  • To encourage positive links with other educational settings including support for the transition process
  • To share our school vision and embrace common aims and values