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Governing Body

Our Governing Body’s Vision Statement

The governing body will ensure that through good leadership and accountability our school is fully inclusive and that everyone is able to flourish as an individual and a life-long learner.

Our Governing Body’s Ethos

As governors, and in partnership with parents, staff and the community, we will support Brookland Infant and Nursery School to inspire pupils to achieve their potential in a stimulating and enjoyable way, laying solid foundations for our children’s future. In a safe and nurturing environment we will help children learn our key values and have respect for equality and diversity.

Our Governing Body

All categories of governors serve for 4 years

Figures in brackets show meetings attended in the last year

Name Appointed By Pecuniary and Business Interests Date Appointed Committees & Roles
(meetings attended)
Mrs Sheila Farmer (4) LEA None  01/09/2018
  • Resources
  • Pay Com
Mrs Alison Atkinson (4) Headteacher School employee (Headteacher)
  • Resources
  • Pay
Mrs Emily Cully (3) Staff School employee (teacher) 01/04/2018
Ms Sarah Small (4) Co-opted None  26/11/2020

left Sept 2021

  • Safeguarding
Mr David Warner (3) Parent Works for a local ICT Services company 01/05/2019
  • Chair of Governors
Mrs Carly Owen (1) Parent None 01/10/2021
Mrs Meera Kapoor (1) Parent None 01/10/2021
Mrs Nuala Manuel (1) Parent


None 01/05/2019


  • Resources
Mr Dave Smith (4) Co-opted None  18/04/2017
  • Chair of Resources
  • Pay
Mrs Alison Worsley (4) Co-opted None  01/05/2019
  • Vice-Chair of Governors
  • Resources
  • Pay
Mr Tony Mizon (4) Co-opted School employee till 29/09/2017

from 30/09/2017 None

  • Resources
  • Safeguarding
  • Health & Safety
Mr Steve Bowman (1) Co-opted





left 11/11/2021

  • Resources
  • Pay
Mrs Jane Allen (4) Co-opted School employee 01/11/2019
  • Resources
  • Governor Development Co-ordinator (GDC)
Vacancy Co-opted
Elaine Phillips Clerk HfL Clerking Service

School governors have a general responsibility for the effective management of the school, acting within a framework set by national legislation and the policies of the Local Education Authority. They are not expected to make detailed decisions about the day to day running of the school, that is the role of the Headteacher.

All governors are volunteers. The governing body works as a team to support the school. Their role is to support and challenge the Headteacher, to help set the vision and strategic direction of the school and to ensure that our school is the very best it could be. The governing body decide on the general policies of the school, curriculum and conduct, managing the budget, staffing, discipline and attendance and community use of the school.

The governing body meet at least once a term. They have one main committee (Resources Committee) which deals with Finance, Staffing and premises.

In September 2017 the governing body moved to a portfolio system whereby governors each take a portfolio area to monitor. There are six portfolios:

1. Faculty portfolio: geography, history, science, RE David / Kathryn
2. Faculty portfolio: PE/Sport/Forest School, Music, Art,  D&T, English Tony / Meera
3. Faculty portfolio: maths, computing, PSHE Dave / Nuala
4. Safeguarding, attendance, behaviour Tony, David, Alison, Kathryn
5. Assessment and achievement David / Alison / Carly
6. EYFS, admissions, transition, SEND Sheila / Jane / Kathryn
7. Strategy Sheila / Alison / David / Nuala

The governing body have adopted the Hertfordshire County Council’s policy for complaints arrangements:

A copy of this document is available from the office.