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Special Needs

The code of practice for Special Education Needs (SEN) has been fully implemented by the school. If your child needs support with his or her learning then you will be informed and individual programmes will be planned to help your child reach his/her potential.

The school has a SENDCo for 3 days a week who will support staff with planning for children with SEN, liaise with outside agencies, work with children and also be available to talk to parents.

If necessary, other professionals may be consulted to make an assessment (eg the educational psychologist, speech therapists and advisory teachers). At all stages, parents are informed and their views considered.

Children with an EHCP are supported according to the provision stated in their plan and the budget allocated to the school. Often a learning support assistant works with them within the classroom (under the guidance of the teacher) towards the targets set on their individual education plans.

Inclusion and Equal Opportunity

In planning our learning environment and teaching the National Curriculum, we aim to respond to the diverse learning needs of every child regardless of special educational needs, disability, gender, social background, cultural background or ethnicity.

We aim to give all children the opportunity to experience success in learning and to achieve as high a standard as possible by overcoming the potential barriers to learning that some children may experience because of their language, special educational need or disability.