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Our Team

Headteacher Mrs Alison Atkinson
Assistant Head/SENDCo Miss Kathryn Mitchell
Business Manager Mrs Jane Allen
Year 1 Lead / EY Lead Miss Louise Jones
Year 2 Lead Mrs Emily Cully
Year Reception Lead Miss Lucy Workman
Premises Manager Mr Kevin Pritchard
Cleaner-in-Charge Ms Jenny Fitzgerald

Classroom Staff

Year Class Teacher Teaching Assistant (TAs)
Year 2 Maple Miss Helen Bevis Miss Michelle Cross
Oak Mrs Kelly Mathew/
Carly Owen
Mrs Nicci Newman
Hazel Miss Laoura Costi Mrs Rita Inzalaco
Year 1



Ash Miss Faizah Farooq Mrs Zoe Kharsa
Beech Miss Louise Jones Mrs Sarah Davies
Magnolia Miss Domi Preston Mrs Lynn Winter/Mrs Caroline Hanna



Holly Mrs Nicola Dant Miss Nikki Roberts
Rowan Miss Lucy Workman Mrs Sue Williams
Mrs Dee Smith
Mulberry Mrs Paula Wills Mrs Lucy Lamey
Nursery Cherry Ms Sandy Heathorn Mrs Sarah Watson
Mrs Becci Ejimogu
Mrs Tracey Cole

From September 2005 all teachers were eligible for 10% Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time. This means that for at least half a day every week each class will be taught by somebody else.

Support Staff

Teaching Assistants
(working across year groups)
Mrs Wendy Pinnell (Reception)
Mrs Emma Ashton (Year 2 / Year 1)
Mrs Jo Chapman (Year 2)
Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) Mrs Natalie O’Brien
Mrs Rosa Ingrao
Mrs Emma Ashton
Mrs Mairead Huckstep
Miss Yesim Korcelik
Forest School / PE & Sports Specialist / Lead Mr Tom Pritchard
Office Mrs Jane Allen
Mrs Jacquie Korcelik
Mrs Fiona Mason
Mrs Kelly Mehmet
Cleaners Ms Jenny Fitzgerald
Miss Sarah Smith
Mrs Anna Capocci
Midday Supervisory Assistants (MSAs) Mrs Rosa Ingrao
Mrs Louise Taylor
Mrs Tracey Cole
Mrs Michelle Jeffreys (3 days)
Mrs Claire Sorce
Mrs Mary Walsh
Mrs Caroline Hanna
Mrs Helen Cartwright
Mrs Emma Ashton
Mrs Julie Woodthorpe
Mrs Vickie Reeves
Mrs Nicky Jemal
Miss Yesim Korcelik
Sports after-school clubs Provided by All Sports Coaching
Breakfast & After-School Club Lulu’s Pre-School
Hertfordshire Catering Staff Cook – Mrs Anna Capocci
+ 4 General Assistants

Leader Roles 2022/2023

Area of Responsibility Leader
Headteacher / Student Placements / Performance Management / Computing Alison Atkinson
Assistant Headteacher / SENCo / Art Kathryn Mitchell
English – Writing Emily Cully
English – Phonics Helen Bevis
Early Years Lead / Year 1 Lead Louise Jones
Geography/History Nicola Dant
Science Laoura Costi
Reception Lead / Maths Lucy Workman
Maths / D&T Kelly Mathew
Music Faizah Farooq
PSHE Paula Wills
RE Carly Owen
PE / Sport / Forest School Tom Pritchard
Outdoor Learning – early years Sandy Heathorn
Business / Performance Management Jane Allen