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School Meals & Milk

School Meals

The government are continuing to offer free school meals for all infant children whose parents choose to take up this option.

Hertfordshire Catering Limited will be our school meal provider for next year and will provide children with a hot meal at lunchtime. Visit the Hertfordshire Catering website for more details of their menus:

Our school uses the SchoolGrid School Meal Booking System to enable you to choose your child’s meals for up to 10 weeks in advance. Just before your child starts with us, or sometimes just after, you will receive an email from SchoolGrid with a link to enable you to set up an account (sometimes this email may end up in your ‘junk’ folder).

All your children’s meals must be ordered via the app. If you do not pre-order your child’s meal and they do not bring in a packed lunch then they will be given a jacket potato.

Children with Food Allergies or Special Dietary Requirements

Before a child with food allergies / intolerances or special dietary requirements can have a school meal parents need to register and obtain a special menu by clicking on the link below:

Home Prepared Packed Lunch

You can choose to prepare your own packed lunch for your child. Please send this in a suitable container with your child’s name clearly marked on it. Drinks may be included in the packed lunch (cartons only please).

Our school does not have the facility to refrigerate packed lunches so please bear this in mind when preparing your child’s packed lunch.

Nut Allergy

We have children in school who have a nut allergy

As a school we want to take preventative action and make our school as nut free as possible to ensure that it is as safe as possible for these children and others who have not yet been diagnosed.

We would like to encourage you to support us by giving your child nut free packed lunches (e.g. no peanut butter or chocolate & hazelnut spread (Nutella) sandwiches).  Hertfordshire Catering already work with a nut free policy for school dinners.  We realise that many products now state that they may contain a nut trace and that we cannot expect total exclusion of all these products. We hope that you will feel able to follow these guidelines. Thank you for your co-operation with this matter.

Lunch at Home

You can, of course, also choose to collect your child at lunchtime and take them home to have their lunch.


Parents may choose to order milk for their child which they have before or after breaktime. The County Council provides milk at a subsidised price (due to a European subsidy) for infant children. Parents who are on certain benefits are entitled to apply for free school milk. Parents are informed of each term’s cost and asked to pay for the following term’s milk in advance. Milk can also be paid online.


Children are encouraged to bring in a NAMED water bottle with a sports top to use during the day (it can be a disposable one). This must be a SEPARATE bottle from their packed lunch drink and will be taken home daily for cleaning and refilling. Water bottles should be washed in warm soapy water on a daily basis.

Please fill the bottle with WATER ONLY

Water is always available in the class for children to drink during the day if they do not have their water bottle.