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Brookland Federation Proposal

Please find details below regarding the consultation of a possible Federation between Brookland Infant & Nursery School and Brookland Junior School.

The letter attached from the respective chair of governors of both schools gives all the important information that you need to know.
Also below are frequently asked questions that may answer the questions you may have.
This is an exciting opportunity for both schools and we look forward to hearing your views.

Proposed Federation of Brookland Infant and Brookland Junior Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Federation mean the two schools will become one school?

A: No, Federating will still keep the two schools as separate schools with one governing board,
governing both schools.

Q: When does the consultation process begin and when does it finish?

A: The consultation process begins on Monday 12th February 2024 and closes on Thursday
28th March at midnight.

Q: How can I respond to the consultation?

A: Parents and Carers can respond by:
– By raising your comments or queries at scheduled face to face meetings (see below)
– By emailing your comments or queries to – and
– By posting your comments/queries to the Headteacher of either school (clearly
marked Federation Queries).
– By sending your child in with comments/queries in a sealed letter addressed to the
Headteacher (clearly marked – Federation Queries).
– By completing an online form by following this link for Brookland Infant and Nursery:
– By completing an online form by following this link for Brookland Junior School:
Parent/carer meetings have been scheduled to enable parents and carers to meet with the
school and governing board representatives to discuss the federation proposal.
The dates/times and venues are detailed below:
Brookland Infant & Nursery – Wednesday 20th March 2024 2-3 pm and 5–6pm.
Brookland Juniors – Thursday 21st March 2024 2-3 pm and 5-6 pm.

Q. What working links between the two schools have already been established and seen

A: Currently both headship teams meet on a regular basis to discuss upcoming events and
share best practices. There have already been opportunities for joint career professional
development (CPD) for teaching staff. Over the last couple of years, the two schools have
celebrated a number of events together.

Q: What other benefits of closer working links do you foresee?

A: The Federation increases opportunities for CPD for all staff to positively impact on the
outcomes for our pupils. Shared knowledge, expertise and ideas from staff members across
the federation. There is an ability to negotiate discounts and economies of scale across the
settings meaning greater resourcing across the Federation.

Q: Can you elaborate on ‘sharing of best practices’ between the schools – what does
that look like?

A: Sharing consistent schemes, planning, curriculum and resources to enhance pupil
outcomes. We will be able to utilise the expertise of staff within specialist subjects to
positively impact on the outcomes for our pupils. Opportunities for shared CPD across both

Q. What will the federation mean in terms of each schools’ vision, aims and values?

A: We will aim to build a joint vision across both schools. Our aims and values will also align to
ensure a more consistent experience for all our stakeholders across the Federation.

Q: Will there be any changes to class sizes or plans to mix year groups?

A: There will be no changes to class sizes or any plans to mix year groups.

Q: Will the school uniform/logo change?

A: Currently there will be no changes to the school’s individual logos or uniform.

Q: What will the Leadership structure look like?

A: The leadership structure will remain as it is currently in both schools.

Q: Will Year 2 children still have to apply via county for a space in Year 3?

A: Yes, all admission processes will remain as they are currently. Year 2 will still have to apply
for a place in Year 3.

Q: What opportunities will there be for staff development?

A: Teachers, support staff, school leaders and governors have added expertise in working
alongside colleagues to improve provision and outcomes for pupils. Shared continuous
professional development and training will enhance the learning experience and offer for
children. It will open up opportunities for staff development and leadership opportunities
across both settings.

Q: Will there be more opportunity for teachers and support staff across both schools to
work collaboratively?

A: We will be able to utilise the expertise of staff within specialist subjects to positively impact
on the outcomes for our pupils. There will be opportunities for shared CPD across both
settings and for sharing best practices.

Q: Will the schools still receive separate budgets?

A: Yes, the budgets will remain separate and financial reporting to the governing board will
continue. What the federation will give the school and governing board is shared resourcing
and better value for money.

Q: Will federating mean one Ofsted inspection for both schools at the same time?

A: Each school will continue to be inspected and graded separately.

Q: What will happen to the two Governing Boards?

A: If the federation is agreed, this will result in one governing board fulfilling the strategic
function for both schools, which will be legally endorsed in a sealed Instrument of
Government. The current boards will remain until the new federation board is established

Q: How will the size of the Governing Board be determined?

A: The decision regarding constitution (size) is determined by the current two Governing
Boards, based on recommendation by the Working Party. The make-up of the new Board in
terms of governor categories will be in line with the DfE statutory guidance ‘Constitution of
governing bodies of maintained schools.’

Q: How will a decision be reached?

A: The two Governing boards are responsible for making the final decision. However, governors
are required to take account of the responses to this consultation process, and we shall do
so, via the following:
– Once this consultation process is complete, a report setting out the consultation
findings will be presented to a joint meeting of the Governing boards of our two
– Each Governing board will then meet on its own to decide whether or not it supports
the formation of a federation.
– Both Governing boards must independently agree to the formation of a federation for
it to be created.
– As well as consulting with parents and staff, we are required to consult with the local
authority (Hertfordshire County Council) and to gain the approval of the Secretary of
State for Education.

Q: How will the outcome be communicated?

A: Once a decision has been reached, all stakeholders will be informed about the outcome in